Spa Treatments

IMG_5519-newPure Organic Blueberry Back Glow

A great organic treat for your most neglected back! The skin will be well-pampered and renewed with 100 % pure organic blueberry back polish which is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins.  A sensation of paradise!!

– 50 minutes $90

Tuscan Wine & Honey Detoxifying Back Facial

Classic Italian beauties secret comes to town! Escape to the rolling hills of the Mediterranean by indulging your sexy back with this special treat which will relieve tension, restore skin suppleness and brighten the skin the natural way. The combination of a soothing Tuscan wine and honey body mask and a relaxing back massage with pure grape seed oil add a pleasant finishing touch which will melt away your tired soul. The special ingredient in the body mask will also detoxify the skin.

– 60 minutes $125