Pure Swiss Gold Anti-Aging, Firming & Lifting Facial

Discover the long treasured beauty ritual of the Egyptian Cleopatra!! Effectively improve the overall skin condition by using the advanced nanotechnology to reduce fine lines, increase skin cell renewal rate, stimulate collagen production & improve skin hydration. The skin will be firmed and lifted.


– 90 Minutes $160

Euro-Stone & Jade Aromatherapy Facial

A unique de-stressing adventure with ultimate relaxation and well being. This holistic facial combines centuries old Eastern & Western therapies. It gently stimulates the lymphatic system using warm and chilled river stones, jade, crystals & gemstones on the accupressure points.  Followed by unique detressing massage techniques that will balance the chakras(energy centers) of the body. The skin will glow and be rejuvenated the natural way.

– 90 Minutes $140